Sunday, November 8, 2009

Desnudo De Patricia Manterola Who Can Translate This Spanish Song To English, Please? NO INTERNET TRANSLATIONS, PLEASE!?

Who can translate this Spanish song to English, please? NO INTERNET TRANSLATIONS, PLEASE!? - desnudo de patricia manterola

This song is for you to sing, I'm from Il Divo. I know the English words for the original (You raise me up), but I'm curious what she did with the Spanish.
Please do not you give me generate Babelfish (or another machine) Translation - What can I do it myself. I really want to speak Spanish in order to help you.
Thank you!

When I was naked and panting
Workers oceanic desert, without love,
What pence When my soul was dead,
You lldgaste as sunlight,
Por Ti Sere stronger than fate,
Por Ti Sere your hero of pain,
I was so lost without you
Por Ti Sere better than me.

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evie ♥'s her Dodgers said...

I speak Spanish. This is my translation of the song.

When I was naked and helpless
A walk through an empty ocean with no love
When I thought my soul was dead,
They came like the sun,
Because you will be stronger than fate,
For you I'm your hero against pain
Without you, I've lost,
Since you will be better than me.

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